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1. Find Jesus

Jesus is the most important part of your journey. He is the answer to all your questions in this life and the next. Get to know Him today!

Image by Aaron Burden

3. Start Growing

As you decide to follow Jesus in salvation and baptism, it only makes sense to start growing. We believe that every Christian should know what they believe and strive to grow in their new faith.


Let's Grow Together

Life is a journey and we are here to help you find and follow Jesus! Before you continue your journey, take a moment to discover where you are. These steps are vital as we go through life. If we can help you at all, click the chat bubble and say hello!

4. Enlist to Serve

Did you know that every Christian has been given gifts by God that are meant to serve others? There is a place for everyone to serve at Arise. There are many ministry areas you can get started in today!


2. Be Baptized

The first step a follower of Jesus should take is baptism. This first step is an outward display of what God is doing on the inside and is a declaration to the world that you are following Jesus.

Image by Imleedh Ali
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